POLINARES a European project to help identify global challenges relating to competition for access to mineral resources

POLINARES is a European project designed to help identify the main global challenges relating to competition for access to resources, and to propose new approaches to collaborative solution

  1. European dependence on and concentration tendencies of the material production
  2. Mining investment trends and implications for minerals availability
  3. Mining industry corporate actors analysis
  4. Geological Availability
  5. By-product Elements and Coupled Elements
  6. Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM)
  7. The contribution of recycling to the supply of metals and minerals
  8. Phosphate and potash as examples for non-metallic raw material markets
  9. Secondary phosphate
  10. Unconventional Oil
  11. Transport of Natural Gas
  12. Mineral exploration expenditures
  13. Chinese investments in Africa’s resource sector
  14. The role of emerging technologies in rapidly changing demand for mineral raw materials
  15. Case study: Tantalum in the world economy: History, uses and demand
  16. Mining technology – trends and development
  17. Future availability and demand for oil gas and key minerals
  18. Critical minerals for the EU

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