General notes
- The objective of the Monthly Electricity Statistics is to provide an early indication of supply side trends in the electricity sector. Therefore, to allow timely publication, the IEA may supplement national statistics with data from other sources.
- Where adequate information is not available from external sources estimates have been made by the IEA. Methodological notes are provided on individual country pages. 
- Definitions are consistent with the IEA's "Electricity and Heat" annual questionnaire. Statistics are subject to revision upon official receipt of the annual questionnaire from National Administrations or improved data becoming available. 
- Monthly statistics are consistent with those provided in the Quarterly Statistics published by the IEA.
- Electricity production is reported in TWh for the regional aggregates and in GWh for the individual countries. The grouping of electricity generation by source reflects available monthly data and/or small individual quantities. 
- Note that historic data is often recalculated. Therefore, the latest publication should be considered most accurate. Regional and organisational summaries may also change based on country recalcuations. 
Basic definitions
- 'Production' =  Net generation excludes power station own use.
- 'Combustible Fuels' =  Production from combustible fuels, including combustible renewables and wastes.
- 'Nuclear' =  Energy released by nuclear fission or nuclear fusion.
- 'Hydro' = Net generation from hydro facilities including pumped storage production. 
- 'Geoth./Wind/Solar/Other' = Generation from geothermal, wind, solar and other renewables.
- 'Indigenous Production' =  The sum of electricity production by fuel type.
- 'Imports/ Exports' =  Amounts of electricity that have crossed political boundaries of the country, 
whether customs clearence has taken place or not.
- 'Electricity supplied' =  Indigenous production + Imports - Exports.
- 'Year' =  Calendar year (January to December) unless otherwise stated. 
- 'Year-to-date' =  The sum of all months from the start of the calendar year to the latest month.
Publication details and further information
- This publication is released in the middle of each month onto the IEA's Website.
- Data should not be reproduced for publication without permission of Energy Statistics Division, IEA.
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For other information please contact the Energy Statistics Division of the IEA by:
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